Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Dev Ji were the First Guru of Sikh Religion. He travelled to arabian countries,mecca, Indian territories and fought for injustice of mughals and caste system.


How to maintain proper physique?

Everyone who goes gym or does exercise is not healthy .

Whenever a person does workout or do several exercises to maintain physique 90% of them does such mistakes which don’t let them grow instead it chokes your body or leave you on the same size or even bad posture.

Whether male or female everyone desires to have well toned physique which when person see it gives you wow effect. 

When you do workout make sure you are giving equal importance to every section of your body .

Follow proper diet: pre workout, while workout and post workout. 

Do proper workouts: Give importance to each muscle you train . No muscle is bad for your body.  You have train every weak muscle and maintain good posture.

Take rest accordingly. 

Drop your comments below with all your doubts .  I ‘ll clear your all doubts .

Male and females both .

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